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What to expect at our Finstral Studios.

What to expect at our Finstral Studios.

Bring your ideas with you.
Together we will compose your dream window. You will be surprised at what is possible.
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Wood, aluminium or perhaps PVC? Ultra-modern or preferably classic? Be inspired by materials, shapes and colours.
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Windows are investments for decades. And they are surprisingly complex. Our experienced advisers will help you with your planning.
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What to expect on a virtual Studio visit.

A tour of the exhibition.
We can show you everything of interest to you. Our expert advisers will be happy to demonstrate our products to you live.
Ask all your questions.
You can talk directly to our advisers via video chat. And get competent answers to all your questions.
Play your part in the planning.
We also take the time to discuss your building project in detail during the video chat. And, if desired, go deep into the planning process.
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What makes Finstral windows so special?
What makes Finstral windows so special? Is it the high-quality materials? The ingenious functions? Their consistent sustainability? Or everything together?
Experience it live. Best of all in a Finstral Studio.
A vision of beauty.

A vision of beauty.

A place becomes a home when we begin to design it according to our ideas. We design and discard, we play with colours and materials. So why should we plan our windows with any less care? They enhance the architecture from the outside, while from the inside they set off the interior design. Windows give form to our idea of beauty. That is why we at Finstral have opted for modular development and construction. This means that you always have freedom of choice in terms of frame shape, material, colour and surface and can compose each window individually.
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What exactly creates the beauty of a window?
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A sense of well-being.

A sense of well-being.

We are creatures of the light. As soon as it becomes light our body reacts and tells us to wake up. When the sun goes down, we get tired. Too little daylight will disturb our inner rhythm and make us ill. But, because we now spend 90% of our time inside, we have to bring natural light indoors. Finstral windows let in up to 25% more light. This is thanks to their unique narrow frames and the particularly translucent glass that we use. Effective sun and noise protection, burglar protection and other extras all add to the good feeling.
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What do windows contribute to our well-being? Read our expert interviews.
A commitment to sustainability.

A commitment to sustainability.

Responsibility cannot be delegated. This also applies to the respectful use of energy and resources. Sustainability is an important topic, especially on construction sites. It’s actually quite simple: what you don’t use won’t harm the environment. And the higher the quality and thus the durability of a product, the better its ecological balance. Whether you are heating or cooling, Finstral windows offer perfect insulation and thus save valuable energy. And, because we do everything from development to production ourselves, we can guarantee that our windows are 100% recyclable and manufactured with the minimum of materials and energy consumption. So as to last a lifetime.
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What exactly does sustainability mean for windows?
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